The Threat of Fascism in Vienna is Real and it is Here

The bourgeois media has been framing these events as being an imported conflict between Turks and Kurds, but at the very latest now it must become more than apparent that this is not a conflict between Turks and Kurds. This is a conflict between fascists and anti-fascists, between reactionary, imperialist forces and progressive revolutionaries. And this is not a conflict to be taken lightly.

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A Totally Gibson Plot Twist

“In hindsight, we all should’ve seen this coming. The onrushing descent into a cyberpunk dystopian hellscape would only call for a totally cyberpunk response. I’m referring, of course, to Anonymous Juneteenth’s present to the world better known as #BlueLeaks, a steaming data dump on the face of the pigs that rivals Wikileaks in size and scope.”

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Covid19, the far-right and upper-class revolt in Spain

With hard times coming ahead, only solidarity will save us from the ruins. Long queues in foodbanks and support networks indicate that people are beginning to starve in many areas of every city. Uncertainty appears enhanced as a material way of being for many precarious popular classes who lost their jobs and do not know if they will ever return to work. While neighbours are supporting neighbours, the political opportunism of the right is seeking to catalyse the social catastrophe.

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Coronavirus and “Common Sense”

By Emilio Bueno (Writing from Vera, Spain) The neutral ideology We are constantly witnessing how the right and left-wing are fighting, debating what is good for people or what is not. But today, in the times of the coronavirus, attention has shifted towards the management of the crisis. In this struggle, another point of view […]

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The Radical Act of Taking Up Space

Selfish, reckless people, we are told, are responsible for the extent and speed of the spread of coronavirus. The general public are flocking to parks and beaches in spite of the current lockdown. ‘How dare they?’ we hear, when the truth is that the general public have more time and less money than they are used to living with, and the prospect of several months alone in a small flat is not an easy one.

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