About Us


Interregnum is an independent radical collective based in Glasgow. We reject all forms of class, race, gender, age, sexual, religious, and ethnic oppression. We reject the split between ‘intellectuals’ and ‘common people’ and encourage all who participate in the front-lines of the various raging social struggles to contribute to this blog. This space will host:

  • Accurate and well-researched news coverage;
  • Militant writings and perspectives on social issues;
  • Anything that contributes to the creation of a radical and creative imaginary, such as music, movies, art, etc.
  • Activist call-outs, petitions, and other forms of practical solidarity to ongoing social struggles.

‘Interregnum’ refers to an interim state in which the current social system is unable to create the consent required to guarantee its longevity, and yet its alternative is still not strong enough to replace it. It is in these moments that history can go two ways, and as fascism is on the rise, so are radical new grass-roots perspectives that focus on social liberation. Our aim is to provide, alongside existing valuable initiatives, a further autonomous platform for the dissemination of our ideas and the forging of solidarities between a variety of struggles, both local and global. We strive to imagine new, liberated ways of coexisting, grounded in our deep belief that collaboration is always superior to competition. We hope that this blog is a small step towards our much larger collective project.

The Interregnum collective currently focuses more on issues relating to the political and social circumstances in Scotland and Greece. However we are in full solidarity with movements from all around the world, and encourage submissions from everywhere. We are also open to publishing in other languages.

Interregnum was founded in December 2017.