Temporary closure of Interregnum- See you all soon!

We would like to announce that Interregnum will be temporarily closing. There are many reasons for this, including personal and political ones. However, the closure of Interregnum is not, in itself, a negative thing- we have simply decided that, with our limited resources and time, we don’t currently have the capacity to keep it running at the level we want and aspire to. Hopefully, Interregnum will re-open when the conditions are right.

Our social media links will be closed until we re-open. The web page (https://interregnum.live) will remain open but will not be renewed and will not be accepting any new submissions until we come back.

Our goal was to create a platform which would be of use to social movements in Glasgow and beyond, in the spirit that discussion, debate, and analysis are indivisible prerequisites of radical/revolutionary thinking and action. We are extremely happy and proud for what has been achieved through this platform, and we salute all of our comrades who have contributed articles and shared their thoughts and struggles with us. We also thank all of the artists that have played in our Breaking the Borders gigs, and we hope that these efforts will be replicated by others in the future in Glasgow. Finally, we thank all of our readers for their support over these years!