Call for Solidarity with Polish LGBTQ+ Community

Yesterday’s spontaneous gathering in the centre of Glasgow took place in solidarity with a Polish non binary transgender activist Margot Szutowicz who has been put and is currently unlawfully held in pre-trail detention for a supposed act of vandalism.

She is a part of Warsaw-based queer radical collective “Stop Bzdurom” which promotes sexual education and actively opposes the wave of extremely homo-, trans- and queerphobic violence actively promoted, encouraged and perpetuated by Poland’s far- right government, the Catholic church and conservative society.

Margot as a transgender person is in extreme danger if put in a male prison where she would be exposed to violence from the wardens and fellow inmates. She was already abused by the plain clothed policemen who arrested her.

At least 48 people who were demonstrating in solidarity with Margot were arrested and subjected to police violence, house raids and persecutions, some of them accused of vandalism because of rainbow pride flags hung at Warsaw’s monuments in solidarity.

We encourage everyone to spread the news and show solidarity with the Polish LGBTQ+ community by donating to the Stop Bzdurom fundraiser, sharing the news and making solidarity statements and solidarity demonstrations and vigils.

We’re here, We’re queer and We will not be silent!


Written By a Friend of Stop Bzdurom