Radical Art: Eyekonique (Twinsanity)

Eyekonique is one half of the Greek/English hip hop crew Twinsanity, based in Athens. For years they were busking in the streets of Athens, combining hip hop with a variety of other genres of music while delivering sharp, socially conscious and uplifting lyrics. They came to Glasgow in 2018 for the anti-fascist hip hop festival Breaking the Borders Vol.I and recently released their second LP, Vulture Culture, available here.

Eyekonique was the first to contribute to our new ‘Radical Art’ series – a space created to host and promote various creative initiatives from around the world. As dominant systems and the media try to fog, disrupt and direct our creative capacities, we believe that art is an inseparable aspect of our defence of critical thought.

His artwork is available in high definition below. It is accompanied by Twinsanity’s latest video clip, “Fears and Demons”.


'Competition is the law of the jungle, but cooperation is the law of civilization.' Peter Kropotkin
‘Competition is the law of the jungle, but cooperation is the law of civilisation’. – Peter Kropotkin

“So do you struggle with society, hide your features abiding normality? So do you hide your sexuality in fear of being judged by god by family? Do you struggle with these voices in your head breaching your sanity? Do you struggle? Do you panic? Are you manic? Did lady luck leave the planet? Do you feel left alone?

Rusty bones reminisce your older spirit, worry free and fire vivid, know that you can always pivot, strength lies in the battles given.”

Eyekonique/ Fears and Demons