‘Uber Cheats!’: Couriers Strike in Glasgow


UberEats couriers in Glasgow were on strike today (Monday 10th of September) in protest against UberEats’ recent reductions of boost payments.


Under the banner of the Couriers Network and the Industrial Workers of the World, around 40 couriers and supporters picketed UberEats offices in central Glasgow and demanded a commitment “that payment per delivery will never fall below £4”.

The picket was supplemented by various smaller actions around the city centre, including demonstrating outside McDonald’s on Argyle street and handing out letters to business using UberEats. The Couriers Network tried to meet with UberEats outside their offices, but the company refused to open a dialogue with them.


Couriers receive a certain percentage of their overall salary in the form of a boost granted per mile covered. The company has significantly reduced these boosts, a development which slashes the workers’ overall wages. UberEats recently got rid of boosts altogether for the city centre of Glasgow, prompting couriers to strike in defence of their wages.



In a post on their Facebook page, Couriers Network Glasgow wrote that “Uber Eats have today reduced couriers payment down to a base rate of £2.80 per delivery in cities across the UK. This is down from around £4+ average a month or so ago. Even with back to back deliveries with no waiting around for orders to be prepared (which is rare) it’s hard to make minimum wage at this rate”.

From Couriers Network Glasgow

This is the latest in a series of actions launched by the Couriers Network, a recent trade union initiative spanning Scotland, England and Wales that is supported by the Industrial Workers of the World.

In a significant victory, the union managed to have a meeting between a representative and UberEats in Cardiff. In an industry that heavily relies on the precarious and low-waged conditions of its workers, this development is an important improvement in the fight for better working conditions for all.

The Industrial Workers of the World are a revolutionary grass-roots trade union that has chapters all over the globe. It organises and stands in solidarity with workers across industries under the slogan that ‘an injury to one is an injury to all’. The IWW is led by its members through a horizontal democratic structure which aims to set the foundations for complete social change. You can join here

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Leaflet handed out during the strike