Edinburgh Antifascist Action Statement on London ‘Free Tommy’ March

The far right were again out in force in London, drawing around 3500 racists into Trafalgar Square. An equal force of Antifascists, including a group of committed members of Edinburgh Antifa opposed their vile hatred.

The London police placed heavy restrictions on the movement of Tommy’s fan club, essentially enforcing a static demonstration. This fencing and kettling served to demoralise and frustrate these fascist creeps.

During the march of Antifascists from The International Brigades memorial multiple attempts by fascists to break the demonstrations lines were repelled successfully. Sargon of Akkad put in an appearance on these incidents, quipping that the counter demonstrations were ‘full of communists’…

Despite the extreme violence seen previously from the far right, the London Police focused primarily on ‘managing’ the antifascist presence. This resulted in numerous incidents where members of the public were physically attacked and abused by the far right.

Again, towards the end of the demonstration significant resources where assigned to escorting Antifascists away from Trafalgar Square (Horses, Riot Vans, and seemingly all of the British Transport Police), instead of policing the dangerous islamophobes. Consequently a bus driver wearing a head scarf was attacked by a violent mob. This abhorrent incident was not in isolation, as a mob of 40 gammon faced hooligans attempted a raid on a pub containing members of the RMT Trade Union contingent of the demonstration. A senior union activist was assaulted and required medical attention as a result.

There are three main take-aways from today’s demonstration.

1) The free Tommy Movement has been unable to replicate their previous success in London, and seems to be suffering some ailments that similarly afflicted the EDL. Namely the disillusionment of standing in police cages for a hopeless cause.

2) Antifascists are improving their ability to draw significant numbers to oppose the far right and will learn from their efforts over the recent weeks. This sort of mass organising requires consistent long term efforts to be successful, and this movement can, will, and must do so.

3) The Free Tommy movement, although significantly diminished in stature today is becoming more violent. As the multiple brazen attacks today show these ‘classic liberals’ have no qualms against attacking ethnic minorities, or trade unions and other sections of the left. It is imperative that we continue to physically and ideologically oppose the fascist creep, as we cannot rely on the state to do this for us.

No Pasaran!


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