Statement of Solidarity with the Evicted Squats in Greece

Statement of Solidarity with the Evicted Squats in Greece


During the first morning hours on Monday 12/3/2018, an extensive evacuation operation took place in Athens, Greece. Special police forces invaded ‘GARE’ and ‘Zaimi’ squats in the area of Exarcheia and the ‘Matrotzou’ squat in the area of Koukaki. The three squats have been evicted and 11 comrades have been arrested. The eviction operation comes immediately after the Pan-Balkan antinationalist rally held on March 10 in Thessaloniki. The Pan-Balkan rally was organized in solidarity with the recently burnt ‘Libertatia’ squat.

‘Libertatia’ got burnt by fascists during the nationalist rally held against the adoption of the name ‘Macedonia’ by Macedonia, the neighboring country of Greece. During this nationalist rally, fascist groups took advantage of the cover of the wider nationalist crowd to attack two squats (‘School’ and ‘Libertatia’) in Thessaloniki. Libertatia was completely burnt, while police were staring at the fascists setting the fire without any reaction. As a response of solidarity, up to 5000 comrades from Greece and the Balkan area marched on the streets of Thessaloniki shouting slogans against fascism, nationalism, war and the state on the 10th of March.

As an escalation of this repression and only two days after the Pan-Balkan rally, police invaded ‘Gare’, ‘Zaimi’ and ‘Matrotzou’ and evicted the squats. As for the ‘Gare’ squat, it is the second eviction since the 26th of November 2017, which was followed by a re-occupation on December 2, 2017.

It is no secret that the government of Syriza, once loudly proclaiming its allegiance to socialism, is now ruthlessly attacking labouring people (through wage and pension cuts, cuts in health and across the whole public sector, auctioning off people’s main residences etc.). These attacks are complemented by the government’s repression of existing spaces of resistance which are antagonistic to it (with 5 squat evictions in 2018: ‘Termita’, ‘Libertatia’, ‘GARE’, ‘Zaimi’, ‘Matrotzou’).

The squats do not only serve the purpose of residence. They are manifestations of our opposition to the institution of ownership and to social inequality. They are the centres of the ongoing struggle against oppression; the points in time and space, where our dreams for a free world flourish, where anarchy takes shape, where theory meets actions. Squats present the actual proof of the infinite potential that the reconstruction of these social relationships can bring – free from profit and oppression. The squats are moments of freedom; freedom of our bodies and minds within this prison-society. They are glimpses of the future we are fighting for and as such we will defend them.






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