Statement of Solidarity to the Favela Squat attacked by Nazis in Greece on the the 25th of February. NO PLATFORM TO NAZIS!

[HAPPENING NOW: Anti-fascist demonstration in Piraeus in solidarity with the Free Social Space ‘Favela’. In the light of repeated attacks by the far-right directed at autonomous and anarchist social spaces in Greece, and in the spirit of international solidarity, we have translated the following statement from the Anarchosyndicalist Initiative Rocinante calling for solidarity to the ‘Favela’ squat. Recent events, including the re-opening of the negotiations over the legal name of Macedonia- a constant point of reference for nationalist sentiment in Greece- have emboldened the far-right which, after being beaten to the ground during the last few years, is attempting to once again display its power in the streets. Other than international solidarity, this concerns movements in the UK and the rest of the West due to the cross-pollinating nature of European far-right politics. Translation directly from the call-out. The feature photo is from today’s rally.]


On Sunday 25/2, fascist battalions from Golden Dawn attacked the Free Social Space Favela in Piraeus. This resulted in the injury of people who were participating in the space and were preparing for their monthly meeting. It is not the first time that Favela has been targeted by the fascist battalions of Piraeus; similar attempts have occurred in the past which were met with the organised defence of the space. There has also been an arson attempt.

However, the period in which this latest attack took place is important since the  general situation significantly contributes to its enhanced nature. The nationalist rallies which took place recently in Athens and Thessaloniki have triggered a barrage of fascist attacks targeting movement squats and social spaces. The double attack on Libertatia which resulted in its arson, the attacks on the Free Self-Organised Theatre ‘Ebros’, as well as on the squat ‘Lelas Karagianni’, all belong to the same conjuncture as the attack on Favela: the fascists are attempting to regroup by taking advantage of the general political climate of the times.

The attack on Favela carries an additional symbolism: in the neighbourhoods where Pavlos Fyssas was murdered, where the fascist venom has left a permanent presence, Favela is the trench against the fascist offensive and the collective obstructing the plans of the area’s Nazis. Its defence from all of the people in the movement is something more than non-negotiable and its support from the antifascist movement is a given. If the fascists think that their recent resurgence from their holes is permanent, they are deeply mistaken: they will soon have to hide again because the solidarity movement will do what it has done so many times it has confronted them. It will swallow them.

The Anarchosyndicalist Initiative supports and will take part in the antifascist demonstration of solidarity to Favela, on Friday 2/3 at 18.00, in Karaiskaki Square.



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