Glasgow University ‘Students for Liberty’ Promote Hate Speech on Campus

Glasgow University Anarchists (GUA) were appalled to hear the content of a talk that took place on February 22nd 2018, hosted by Glasgow University Students for Liberty. An anonymous source revealed an audio recording of an invited speaker called Markus Meechan, a man currently awaiting trial for hate speech allegations (unedited audio available below).

His speech contains many racial, homophobic, and misogynist slurs. GUA is disgusted that a university forum was used to promote hate speech under the guise of a debate on the limits of free speech. More alarming is that a student body (one of the organisers of which, Rafael Crespo Molina, sits on the Student Representatives Council) invited and actively participated in an event where racist, homophobic, and misogynist language was encouraged.

The Glasgow University Anarchists condemn Glasgow University Students for Liberty, an organisation affiliated with the Student Representative Council, for hosting such an event. The invitation and endorsement of Meechan by Glasgow University Student for Liberty directly contradicts the Student Representative Council’s constitutional objectives to ‘challenge all forms of discrimination whether based on sex, age, race, ethnicity, sexuality, disability, religion, cultural background or other such status’.

We stand for free speech, not hate speech; moreover, we stand with all oppressed groups in their struggle for liberation. We therefore actively oppose the promotion of hate speech on campus and call on all other student groups and societies to unite in the condemnation of the actions of Glasgow University Students for Liberty.

Here are some of Count Dankula’s tweets so people make up their own minds about the kind of people Students for Liberty are happy to give a platform to:


The link to the Facebook event page:

4 thoughts on “Glasgow University ‘Students for Liberty’ Promote Hate Speech on Campus

  1. “I want to live in a democracy, but don’t want to hear certain things. The parameters of which are not established.”

    Well you’re a fucking idiot then. *shrug*


  2. Your article is worthless when you include the actual audio from the event that disproves what you are trying to say. Get a grip of your life, we don’t want a government run socialist/communist country. It has never worked in the past, why will it work in the future? Go peddle your anarchy somewhere else.


  3. You don’t stand for shit! Free speech is just that…it’s FREE! NO RESTRICTIONS NO MONITORING! What part don’t you get fools?!? If you restrict what I say than it is NOT Free speech SMDH #liberalismisamentaldisorder #fascists #nazis quit crying like a lil crybabies pull up your big boy/big girl pants and STFU until you have something actually intelligent to say or contribute. Stop trying to limit people’s rights… man, y’all don’t learn from history EVER! #doomed because you want to cry like little bitches because you don’t like what someone said omggg what a bunch of snowflake punks! #growapair #thinskinned rejects!


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